Saturday, 2 July 2011

wine, wine, wine

well if I had some goals at the start of the month it would have been to have more fun, and live life normally. TBH I feel that I have been doing this, although life isn't always a bed of roses. Rose wine certainly makes it easier;) in a healthy way of course, i rarely used to drink becaus eof the empty calories but now I quite enjoy a glass of wine, pimms, vodka, cocktail you name it I will drink it lol.

Thursday night I did have far too many though. I shouldn't mix my drinks oops. lesson learnt though I had the hangover from hell like felt sooo ill!!! never again. well not too mix my drinks and i made a fool out of myself in the bar we went too. so ashamed lol.

so friday was spent nursing my self inflicted head. today has been more exciting, I wnet on my usual bike route did 40 miles, alot faster than I have done in the past. think have finally found the secret to keeping good energy levels on the bike a big bowl of porridge with chopped banana and some fromage frais yogurt stirred in. it certainly gave me the ooppmh;) when I got back I had a veggie burger and mixed bean salad. ben so long since I have had a burger in a bun! me and my friend than randonly decided to go to totnes, where I checked out my fav health food store and got some nakd cereal bars. Did't have much time to look around and don't like to be rushed when food shopping. Also had a look around the quirky shops but nothing took my fancy was nice to have a mooch around though and then rushed back to make this awesome beetroot and feta risotto, I will upload the recipe tomorow but my it was so nice.

im at my mums tonight, not sure what I have planned for during the day tomorrow but in the evening I am going to a quiz. well I will leav you with a picture of me and my two friends on our drunken night out, I look pretty drunk though. I'm the one of the left. hope everyone is having a nice weekend:) Any plans?

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