Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Up in the hills!

So today I had the most awesome bike ride. Once a week I like to do a hilly route to try and improve my hill climbing and I do feel myself getting stronger which is a mixture of adequate nutrition doing some weights at the gym and a case of practise makes perfect. Today was a good effort as I didn't have to use the front middle cog at all in other words I didn't have to use granny gear:p. I went to Haytor which is close to Dartmoor. 

The part I loved most about where I cycled to today was the scenery below are some pictures that I took on my mobile when I was out: ps the horses may look cute but they can also be quite viscous because their wild!

I did about 30 miles and loved every minute of it all, also did some 1 minute intervals on the flat where was cycling on the hoods and reached speeds of 24mph... so I needed some protein when I got back and tried the     
spiritulim strawberry shake and I wasn't a fan it didn't really mix well. I need to invest in a blender of some point. Think I am going to invest in the magic bullet at some point. After the shake I was ready for some lunch which was a tofu stir fry with wholewheat noodles in a terrayki sauce:

Well I am just of to see my CPN and then start work. I am slightly dreading tonight as  I don't finish until 1am!! and then have to cycle back it's only about 2 and 1/2 miles but I am going to be so tired!

What is everyone's favourite form of exercise and why? I love cycling feeling myself get stronger in the saddle, feel my leg muscles improving, getting better at a certain route and doing it faster. 


  1. My favorite forms of exercise are running (because it's a challenge), yoga (because I'm awful at stretching) and skiing (because I've been doing it forever)

  2. Love to bike and cycle too! I bike for 30 minutes 6 times a week to work :)

  3. I think swimming. I love the feeling of your whole body being stretched and exercised. I love the power you feel from pushing through the water. :-)