Sunday, 24 July 2011

Goats Cheese and Jam sandwich

So I never thought this would go together but it actually did. I have been addicted to goats cheese recently and when I last went out to eat I had this goats cheese and fig relish sandwich I have been trying to hunt down thsi relish for ages but no such luck the cafe said they will order me some in (they go to ashburton to collect it!). 

Anyway this is going to be fairly short and sweet as I shortly have to dash of to work. Last night I really enjoyed my shift, even though when I first came on the bar this guy said to me I look about 11!!! Yes cheers thanks for that:p I actually don't like looking as young as I do I am nearly 25 and people still see me as this young little girl. In the past one of the main triggers of my anorexia was to not look like a women, not be seen as attractive have boobs a womanly figure but now this is not so much the case I don't want to look so child like I guess I should be grateful in that I look so young but even if I could pass for 20 it would be something lol

 I think my shift went better because I had some clue as to where things were and can now properly pull pints lol! It was really nice to be in a social job and be able to interact with others and not feel quite so anxious as I have been in the past which will help me with uni. I also ate more than I did before my shift yesterday and that really helped had some lush  food doctor nuts the roasted bean mix with my goats cheese and jam sarnie coupled with an apple and a nakd berry bar, I love picnic style food!

I really can't wait to go:D:D and I will be able to transfer to the one in Bournemouth.

I am feeling a lot more like my old self again, although I am still counting what I am eating I am not obsessing over it I don't have time for it and I hate doing it. Bring on life fly away ed!!

Any other guys at uni? How did you find your first year with money, social life? 

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you're doing better! :] People always say I look younger than my actual age. I used to really mind but now I'm fine with it :D