Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Induction done!!

Work Induction

So this was actually fairly okay and a bit boring was just a case of watching DVD's about health and safety and filling in some forms. One funny thing was the Challenge 21 talk she asked us all our ages and they all gasped when I told the I was..........

24 I always get shocks when I tell people my age as I look about 17 maybe even 18 at a push so always get asked for ID. I don't mind most of the time, apart from when I get 17 year old lads chatting me up and men my age think I am too young for them:(.

Anyhow I did enjoy today and to actually feel somewhat normal, to be able to work and not be on benefits to feel that I am getting my life back!!

Odd Cravings!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had a knee pain which was because of running, I didn't warm up properly on the treadmill and did some fast paced intervals and I am very new to running. I have done a lot of cycling but this isn't high impact like running so yesterday evening I was paying the price for it so today I haven't done any high impact just some walking. 

So I craved protein this morning, and had a very random combination of a poached egg with mushrooms and some quorn chicken style fillets! 

However come evening I had planned some salmon with cous cous and veg but I was craving some oatmeal...... so what do I have for dinner a lovely bowl of oats with some chopped fresh apricots, soya yogurt, and cinammon. Oats have also been a "safe" food of mine but back then they were made with water !!! ugh think I would actually vomit if I had to eat oats and water I prefer my bowls to look like this:


  1. Sounds like you are fighting really hard which is amazing <3
    And the age thing, no one believes I am 30!!! ;)

  2. Work inductions where you have to watch all those rubbish videos are so boring! What are you going to be studying in uni? I noticed further down you mention nhs bursaries. I was really late sending mine off last year but they were actually really efficient, if that's any help to you!

  3. I am going to study occupational therapy at bournemouth uni! I am sending it of tomorrow!

  4. I get the same responses when people here my age as I'm 23 and I look 17. I also crave the weirdest food at the oddest times of day. I eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner a lot hehe. Saw you're going to be working at Wetherspoons - I went to one of them when I was in Bournemouth and had an excellent lamb burger lol.

  5. Most people think I'm older than I really am! Nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner, those are the best!! I haven't done it in ages, but french toast is one of my favorite dinners.

  6. An older man today told me I look 12....yeah that was nice haha :)

  7. Yay for eating what your craving, even if it's at opposite times of the day! :)