Sunday, 24 July 2011

Coffee's are on me!

So today was my first shift at wetherspoons and I spent the day learning how to do coffee's I already make them at home with my own coffee maker but I heat the milk in the microwave... so now I am also a coffee barsita;) I am a coffee addict myself so already knew all the drinks they do. The rest of the day was spent putting breakfasts and a roast dinners through the till and pulling pints!

For lunch today I made a salmon salad with some buckwheat I got this grain mix that takes 8 minutes it was one of those things that I bought ages ago but forgot about...

This was the salad that I made:

Underneath is a mix of spinach, lettuce leaves, romaine, grated carrot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.
Followed by these crisps by snapz;

They were okay but not my fav ones think I prefer the beetroot ones they do. The ingredients list is 
  • carrot
  • Starch syrup (potato) less than 2%
  • Dried capsicum extract
  • Natural paprika flavour

Today at work one of the managers who are all lovely mentioned about how the apron was miles to big for me and that I needed a smaller shirt they gave me a size ten one. I found quite embarrassed about the fact and very nearly said sorry, in the past I would have loved the attention but I really didn't want it at all I want people to see me as Sarah not as the "thin one" the girl with "issues". I haven't told them about my ed and want to keep in that way I mean if they ask I will tell them as I am not ashamed by having mental health problems. But I don't think I look obviously anorexic I guess cause I know I have been smaller when I was iller and I am now in recovery and trying as hard as I can to beat it. 

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Whats your favourite coffee if you drink it? I am a soya latte girl


  1. Those carrot snacks look yummy! I love flavored coffee, I am not big on lattes or mochas.

  2. I LOVE LOVE coffee, and I'm kind of lame and stick mostly with starbucks :) Their frappuccinos seem to reach into the depths of my soul and make me feel so goooood

  3. That salad looks delicious. And snap, we have the same name! If I'm drinking coffee it's generally a cappuccino, but being British I'm more of a tea girl myself :)

  4. My favorite coffee is a nonfat hazelnut latte :D mmm

  5. It sounds like you're doing so well with your recovery, getting a job and meeting new people can be really intimidating so don't let them make you feel bad for being your fabulous self :)
    The salad looks tasty too!