Tuesday, 28 June 2011


past few days haven't been too bad, been kept fairly busy with seeing friends and just trying to do normal things whatever that is lol. living in the house has been pretty awful though i get on really well with one girl called rachel who is like my partner in crime, we go out iwth each other most days coffee, bottles of wine hehe. I think if she wasn't their i would have gone back to my Mums as the other two I really can't stand. The one guy Adrian is a complete bitch he will talk about his so called friend kayleigh who lives here say how she's lazy, does nothing but when she is around they are best mates, and he seems to know how to make you feel bad. last night for instance when i was in the kitchen he was whispering to rachel and like a 4 year old said lets go outside and smoke looking at me and that they wree clearly wanting to not invite me which was childish and petty. i know it sounds somehwhat silly but its like living with a pair of kids who spend their evening giggling and getting excited over kids programmes. i really cannot wait until i move out, i really have outgrown living in supported housing with mental health people. i acnt wait till i can get away from all services.

in other news i have joined the gym. i am trying to get into running as their are more people my age and gender who run and think it will be a way for me to meet people. im only managing about 20 minutes on the treadmill but guess isnt too bad for a complete novice to running, going tonight and will try 25 minutes then hopefully gardually build up.

college tomorrow;( really dont want to go katy isnt in and I have to deal with two girls who seem to like to bitch about anything and anyone and the girl who owes me money has asked me to pay her more money for diesel to college and of course i will pay her.


  1. I hope things start improving in the house soon, i find reading and listening to relaxing stuff on the radio helps me ignore any negativity from nasty people. Also; kill them with kindness! They'll be so confused if you just stay lovely all the time that they'll forget why they were being bitchy in the first place :)
    Congratulations on the running too! I can barely run 5 minutes without having to stop for a walking break so go you!

  2. Don't let people get you down Sarah, you are an incredibly woman who has overcome more already than some people overcome in a lifetime. Cling to those who give you the more strength and support - those are the people who you really want/need in your life. And don't push yourself at the gym, there are other means of meeting people without over exertion….love yourself girlie, you are truly truly beautiful x