Tuesday, 5 July 2011

need to find something to do

I am just of on a bike ride, but thought would do an update. I am starting to enjoy cycling again, sometimes when I have done it it hasn't been enjoyable as the ed has been dictating how long I go for what I eat, when I can eat and it felt like something of a chore. But now I am enjoying it, I feel great once I am out and love feeling myself get better at it. I am trying to also not go out daily and do other forms of exercise. 

Last night I did an X_BIKING class which I really enjoyed and think I will go again I sometimes find the gym quite boring especially when I go on my own but classes I really enjoy as I think I am naturally a social person I like to be around others I don't particulary enjoying spending time by myself in my own company. 

This morning I had my usual brekkie before a bike ride of a nice bowl of porridge with chopped banana and yogurt. I don't think I could ever got bored of porridge. 

My plan for today is to go on a bike ride, visit my Mum for lunch were having some salmon together, and then do some cooking so I have meals to freeze. I am making a chickpea stew I love chickpeas could live of them. 

I am really enjoying reading lots of the healthy living blogs out their many who have had similar struggles to myself and find them so inspiring. I have recently been struggling with my body image and now I have more spare time I can feel some of the old though patterns arising. I think today I am going to see if their is any volunteer positions that don;t involve a CRB check-I'm not a criminal lol but they take like 6-8 weeks to come back and by that time I will have nearly finished my summer. Just need something to see me through the next few months. 

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