Monday, 7 May 2012


I apologise for the late showing of this post, I scheduled it to post as I was away in Bournemouth and thought it was strange how I hadn't had any comments and when I was going to do another post it wasn't their!!! Blogger has just changed over and I have scheduled posts before so where it has gobe is a mystery to me. Anyway, last month I did the foodie blog giveway organised by the leangreenbean, I sent a parcel to the lovely Julian at good golly, good gobble which I am glad to read that she really enjoyed as she was a busy teacher I thought it would be a good idea to pack some snacks to have on the go and also as she was veggie some great form of protein chickpeaas!!!

 I recieved a parcel from Kathryn at london bakes who has some amazing recipes on her blog.

This bunch of goodies contained:

dried banana with chocolate and yogurt coating
sugar free sweets
2 yo yo bear dried fruit rolls
cupcake cases
gourmet pooping corn
rice dark chocolate honey and orange flavour
food doctor savory seed blend
gourmet popping corn

I have already had quite a few of the things I really loved the mixture of things that were in the box, the sugar free sweets were so nice I used to buy them a lot but went of them for a while, and the yogurt coated banana was so nice. I promise to get back to some regular blogging soon.

Ever done a foodie blogswap?