Friday, 22 July 2011

I don't think I can listen to my body:(

So I am hoping this isn't too much of a depression negative post. But for the past few weeks I have not been calorie counting and trying to listen to my body more and it has been going okay but I am finding it really challenging.

For instance this morning I woke up really weak and lethargic, really hungry too and I know it was because I didn't eat as much as what I should have done after my long ride and then on my feet for working for 10 hours.

 I think I need to know daily amounts more. I have a dietician appointment on Monday and I am going to speak to her more about this cause although I don;t want to obsess over calories I am not at the stage where I can eat what I want and not freak out cause I find when I do it triggers me to  well I am not going to say what but its not a healthy thing to do. So I am hoping after a few weeks of working out my BMR needs I will be able to listen to my body more.

It's just so hard at times challenging the negative thoughts that the ed gives me and although most of the time I am winning that battle I just so badly want the ed gone...

But in the end this means gaining to a healthy weight. I worry a lot about my bones, my period, I am nearly 25 and that thought is terrifying how many years I have possibly missed out on but I guess I can't dwindle on the past but focus on the future. 

So in other news, I have a busy day tomorrow with going totnes with a friend and then working in the evening. I am doing a meal plan for the next few days to keep me on track till I see my dietican.

Well for lunch today I had a nice salad from sainsburys they have a pic and mix salad bar in this mix is a boiled egg, feta, mixture of salad leaves, some black rice and quinoa, Bulgar wheat in a beetroot dressing, some nuts and dried fruit,and spicy chickpea mix. 

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Do you find it hard to listen to your body? 


  1. I miss sainsburys and waitrose from my londony days :( Yeah, I agree. It can be hard listening to your body... I struggle with it a lot too. Over the years I've gotten much better, but it's still difficult. I haven't talked about it on my blog, but I had an ed for awhile as well. I don't believe you can ever FULLY recover, but you can definitely find a happy place and a healthy middle ground!

  2. Listening to your body is hard! Heck I still struggle with it. For instance right now for breakfast I have just had an apple & 2 small mandarins but I'm still hungry...since I have a brunch to go to today I don't want to eat any more. Deep down I know I should just go and eat something & not restrict simply because I'm eating out.
    I'm still working through these issues daily.