Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WIAW-In the pink

So part 2 of my posting of my eats, and today I have had a pink day! anyway who knows me knows I like my pink everywhere I go remembers me for my love of pink and hello kitty! Practically everything I own is pink. Here is a snap shot of some of my pink items:

Yes that is a pink popcorn maker!

My hair straighteners are pink and so is a monopoly game: 

Even MR GEORGE FORMAN arrived in pink: (who would of thought a boxer would advocate the colour pink)

I have even sported pink hair!

Sorry for the side track I got a bit carried away

Todays Eats!

So breakfast was un photographed as it was ate on the go I went to the gym an then had a banana and a soya latte at costa with sugar free caramel I love the new sugar free varieties. 

Lunch was at a cafe and urm I didn't feel like taking a picture sorry. But it was a nice a goats cheese and fig relish sandwich on wholemeal local bread. 

But my dinner was amazing.

Beetroot Risotto with goats cheese

followed by a pink smoothie in a bowl consisting of frozen raspberries, holland and barrats strawberry whey protein some soya milk and soya yogurt. 

My snack tonight will be some veggie sushi!! Haven't had any for a while so thought that I would treat myself:)

Other snacks have been some dried apple which was like eating foam-so nice!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

what is your favourite colour and do you have many items in this colour?


  1. i love red!! maybe thats why I eat copious amounts of salsa and apples...haha :) happy WIAW!

  2. oooh I love the abundance of pink! My favorite colors are orange, green, and yellow (I can't choose!) i guess i have a lot of yellow since it's one of my school colors. I eat a lot of orange and green food though! Pumpkin and brussel sprouts are so nomtastic :)

  3. My favorite color is purple and I have SO many purple shirts, dresses, shoes, bags, etc. Its ridiculous! But I love it, it's like my signature color!

    I love all the pink!