Thursday, 21 July 2011

action packed day

So yesterday I didn't have time to update as it was my first shift at wetherspoons. So in the am I went on one of my long rides....

It was ace, felt so goood whilst \I was out cycling 25 mph on the flat and feeling stronger on the hills defintly noticing that I am improving. Exercise has helped me so much cause I know when I struggle with my eating my time on the bike is awful. My average speed was 15mph and their was some hills to contend with so I was really pleased with that I was out for about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Breakfast was my usual oats with chopped banana and yogurt, but this time I added some milled flaxseed, cocoa, stawberries and berries. They are really great as are a great source of iron and zinc, and contain healthy fats and fibre so great for the digestive system they are also chocolatly so added bonus!

During my ride I munched some nakd lemon raisins and a high 5 energy gel okay so these aren't the most natural products to use but they sure give you a much needed sugar boost and are easy to digest on the bike. 

When I came back I had a quick shower a re-go shake and then it was ;lunch time which was a simple bowl of pasta with veggies and chicken:

 I have added a giveaway at celery and cupcakes blog I urge you to check it out has some great recipes and is a lovely person. 

Before my shift started at 6pm I was in a bit of a rush as I had my psychologist appointment in town and didn't get back till about 4.30 pm so I asked my Mum to make me a sandwich of cashew butter... This is the first time EVER I have let other people make food for me especially something like a sandwich with a filling but I knew that missing food before I started was not an option and it meant I could get ready and not stressed. I need to try and think of new ideas for sandwich fillings as I prefer to eat just before I start so I have something to keep me going for 4 hours.

The shift well I made a few mistakes which I am trying to not dwindle on but the guy said I did really well and they kept asking me if I was okay. 

Their is just so much to learn so any different rums, spirits, lagers, ciders, beers and I am not really a big drinker I don't know a rum from a vodka... and especially when they have big rounds I can never remember what they ordered. But the customers were actually mostly really nice very patient and friendly towards me and the staff were all lovely helping me out and I did sort of enjoy it apart from being knackered and some drunken lads. From being sober you realise how idiotic people can be. 

I need some ideas of quick to prepare meals that I can take. Preferably things that you can eat cold..

So favourite sandwich filling? Meals to prepare ahead? 


  1. That's great you let your mom prepare your sandwich for you! I like having spread cheese with my peanut butter in a sandwich. I don't have very many sandwich filling ideas though, sorry :)

  2. I usually take salad with me to work. I tend to spinach or lettuce with some other salad goodies, a protein and some grains.
    My favourite sandwich filling is probably hummus and salad.

  3. peanut butter with dried or fresh fruits are my favourite! :)