Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cocktail Time

Good day peeps. Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I have had a nice few days despite being at work which I really detest. But feeling myself get so much stronger running, and yesterday I went on a cycle ride it was meant to be a fairly easy cycle but being on the bike gave me so much freedom and ended up cycling up some hills. But it made me realise how much more work I need to do with food and I think the months that anorexia got really strong and I ended up in hospital I wasted some muscle damage so this is all the more reason to continue to fight no matter how strong the voice gets. (side note I was in hospital for really bad depression not for anorexia but I was barely eating at the time)   I want so much more than this horrid illness, I sometimes shudder when I think back to all the years I had lost to this illness and never want to go back to those dark days again.

Last night was a nice evening I cooked dinner for me and my boyfriend. I bought a load of squashes from the organic market in Totnes only place I have found different squashes. My local town stocks butternut squash and thats it. So I roasted some of this:

Which I believe is Kabocha squash I just love how orange they are inside:

I also cooked a sweet pototao.  I had this paired with a tuna steak and some broccoli and chantey carrots.

Me and my boyfriend had a fun evening planned making cocktails:

We made  Mojitos which were pretty easy to make. You just need
Fresh Mint leaves
Lime and Soda Water

First step was to mash the mint leaves with one teaspoon of sugar

Then add 50ml rum 25 ml of lime juice and as much soda as you like and then the crushed ice on the top and alas two cocktails!!

Ever made cocktails?