Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back for good I hope

Well I have been thinking of updating my blog for a while, and ever since I started reading blogs I loved the ideas of having goals but for some reason every time it came to the beginning of the month I was busy, had forgotten, or was struggling with things. I wanted to update before Xmas but didn’t really have the time.

Things are going a lot better and I feel confident that I will again pick myself up and make moves with my recovery. I think over the years I am finally learning to accept things, to accept that recovery and life for that  is not one straight journey that there will be bumps and bruises but it’s about letting those bruises heal.  I truly believe and hope that I will one day recover from an eating disorder.

Although my last relapse was horrid, some positives did come about. I realised that I did actually have people who really care. Two friends from college and someone whom I have known for years and consider my best friend were like a rock to me visiting nearly every day their kindness helped me through so much. I also learnt that I was taking on too much, I was working full time long hours till 2 am someday and I hadn’t allowed myself to rest. I realised what an amazing boyfriend I have who likes me no matter what has happened to me, it also enabled me to be completly honest with him and this has helped strengthen our relationship.

Although this year has been difficult. I am confident that the past is that the past and that I have it within me to make changes and make this a great year.


  • v  Complete a half marathon
  • v  60 mile cycle ride around Dartmoor ( I have entered the Dartmoor classic with my boyfriend which is in January)
  • v  Get to University.
  • v  Continue cooking and making meals from scratch.
  • v  Have some fun.
  • v  Get a better job. (have an interview next week for a health care assistant with the NHS)
  • v  Update my blog regularly.
  • v  Learn to rest more.
Happy New Year everyone!!!! 

What things do you have planned for the year ahead?