Wednesday, 11 January 2012

half marathon training plan

Well I do think 2012 is looking up to be a good year. My half marathon training is going well. I spent some time on the runners world website, and found this great tool that will give you a unique training plan that is suited to your ability and goals. You enter your details about your last race time, how long you currently train for, how hard you want to train and how long you have to train for and it gives you training plan. Mine came out like this TRAINING PLAN

Yesterday was my 10 mile run, I was feeling quite good up to mile 4. I think I maybe started out too soon as looking at my garmin my pace started to slow down

and towards mile 8 started to get some hip pain. But overall I was pleased with it, my average pace was 9.25 per min/mile I've been trying out some different things to munch on the go. Yesterday was some jelly belly sports beans. 

Only trouble was as my hands were quite cold was difficult to nibble on the go so today I have brought some gels to try as they will be easier to take on the go. 

When I came back from the run I was more than ready for some recovery food after quickly downing a recovery shake my appetite was about. My dietician recommended some eggs to me as she said they are one of the best complete source of proteins. I love my dietician she has known me for nearly 6 years!! and has seen me in the very dark stages of anorexia where my diet consisted of lettuce leaves and some tuna. I hated her when I first met her, but it was the ed side of me that hated her as I was in patient and no choice but to eat the food. Gradually over the years and through wanting to recover she has been really helpful. She really gets anorexia and never patronises and finds was for me to slowly introduce foods back through working at my pace. 

Poached egg with baked beans, wholegrain rye bread with some light cream cheese and mushrooms!!!

This was actually  really quick meal I have a microwavable egg poacher (yep lazy I know;) 

Today was an important day for me. After a 3 mile recovery run I turned from a runner

Oh how fetching running gear is!!!!

Into a smart lady!!!

I had a interview for a healthcare assistant job at my local hospital. I think the interview went quite well, tbh I was even proud of myself for getting the interview as the last time I applied I didn't even get that far. I will hear on Friday, the 13th of all dates!!! Let's hope its good news.

So runners what is your ideal snack to eat mid run?? Favourite recovery meal?