Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WIAW and recovery talk

So thought I would particpate this week.

 Firstly I have to recap on my awesome 10 mile run that I had on Monday. I felt so good all the way through it.

Distance:10.00 mi
Avg Pace:8:57 min/mi
Elevation Gain:161 ft
Calories:711 C

Sorry about the calorie info!! Comes with the summary on my Garmin. I was most pleased because the week before I did the same run my pace was 9.25. I really want to do the half in less than 2 hours. 

I also have decided that I really need to try and gain some weight, when I saw my dietician she said if it has stayed the same or hasn't increased to add in an extra 150, I didn't manage it the past two days but from today I am making the effort!! I came back from my run this morning, and had the worst pain in my hip and know if I want to take the running and cycling seriously I need to gain some and to try and get my periods back as the lack of oestrogen is bad news when it comes to injuries. I really want to properly recover if I am ever to be a good occupational therapist. I am not saying it will dissapear overnight or if it will ever truly go. But I can try though? Had an appointment with my therapist today and we spoke about how I am very much all or nothing which is a common trait seen in anorexia, when I cycle I don't just go for 5 miles I do 60 mile rides, I don't just run a few streets I train for half marathons, when I was very ill I didn't just lose a bit of weight but a lot. I am very determined and in the past this has been unhealthy but now I can turn it around and be determined to succeed. 

So after than rant... onto to what I ate yesterday!!! Which was actually a rest day for me, it was hard but I saw through it okay. I spent most of the afternoon cooking a traditional french dish, a bean cassoulet. I will upload the recipe tomorrow. 


Oats with strawberries and strawberry flavoured protein powder


I bought an onion squash from a local organic veg market, and it was so tiny and cute!!

I put some cottage cheese in it and roasted it with some more veggies and fish. This was consumed with my adorable cat Ruby!!! Who yes shared some fish with me!!

I snacked on some fruit in the afternoon whilst I was cooking dinner:

Basically underneath the crumb topping of wholemeal bread and some chopped nuts is butternut squash, butter beans, and kidney beans with plenty of herbs. It was so good and I shared it with my boyfriend who loved it!!! I also was able to freeze some. 

Whats your favourite way to eat beans? I love them in stews and casseroles. 
How do you spend your rest days? 
Are you an all or nothing person?