Tuesday, 24 January 2012

13.1 mile run, sickness, and new shoes!

Sunday was my long run, and I wanted to try the distance that was a half marathon to see if I can actually do it, well yes I can.

Distance:13.10 mi
Avg Pace:9:14 min/mi
Elevation Gain:284 ft
Calories:933 C

I fuelled up propery before with some oats and a large banana, and for during the race I took some of these:

I was proud that I was able to complete the run, however my legs felt really exhausted after mile 8 and by mile 10 I didn't think I could do it as my knee's were starting to ache and was getting some thigh pain so I stretched for a bit and this gave me the get up and go again.

HOWEVER, after I came back from the run. I had SIS re-go recovery shake, showered stretched. Then I started to feel incredible sick, queasy, dizzy. Then 10 minutes later I was sick. I wasn't sure what was going on was it the gels, the drinks? I posted on a running forum that I am a member of and they said it sounds like dehydration.  I thought I was drinking enough, so now am making sure I drink at least 2 litres a day. I had some dry crackers and sips of water and did feel much better. The next day I called my dietician up, had to ring her as I have made a menu plan increase but my weight has dropped. Spoke to her and she said it may be my glycogen levels and low blood sugar. But I was properly fueled before I set up, I don't think the cliff shot blocks agreed with me as I did feel my stomach getting quite queasy. I think I may try a carb drink to have after an hour next time.


Because of the pain I was getting in my knees, I went to a reputable run shop and asked their advice also took my old shoes incase it was something with the shoes. They said to me that I don't over-pronate but am a neutral runner!!! So now have a new pair of shoes,expensive day cost me £100 but shoes are the post important thing in running:

I had a rest day yesterday and boy did I need it could barely walk after running yesterday!! I did plenty of stretches and strengthening exercises. My legs are feeling so much stronger and can really see the improvement in doing stretches everyday.  Found this good video on youtube:

runners knee stretches

Also if you get chance check out this girlies blog has a great giveaway and great blog on fitness.

Has anyone else experienced sickness after a long run? 
Do you stretch after running?