Monday, 16 January 2012

training recap and job

The running training is going well, although I am thinking tomorrow will be a rest day. My schedule for this week is:

Monday: Long Run-10 mile run @ 10.32
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Easy Cycle- 30 mile cycle ride
Thursday: Tempo Run- 6miles (4 miles @9.02)
Friday- Cycle ride and short 3 mile easy run
Saturday- Speed Work- 7 miles (3x 1600 @8.27 w/800 jogs)
Sunday-Rest day

So I have included some cross training of cycling. I do love cycling as well, and after I have completed the half marathon I am going to be training for 100k cycle ride around Dartmoor with my boyfriend.

Today is my long run, and have had my pre run fuel of oats, banana, greek yogurt and some flax seeds. I am also trying a energy gel whilst on my run.

Update on the Job

I didn't get the job that I had applied for as it went to people with more experience. I was very disappointed as the interview did go quite well and got quite positive vibes from the interviewers. But with every cloud their is always a silver lining, the nurse recommended me to the NHS bank where you get to work in different wards and they give you training. So I have spent the weekend emailing someone and arranging for me t start I have to wait for the CRB and references to come back before I can start so will be a few weeks at least. But I am really happy and can't wait to start. You don't know how much I detest my current job, I just want to be doing something that is caring their really is no job satisfication in pulling pints!!