Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Well many thanks to Jenn @ peasandcrayons

Before I give you my eats, I have to share with you an awesome cycle ride that I went on, I am currently training for a 60 mile sportive around Dartmoor. I've been bringing my mileage up gradually and yesterday embarked on a 45 mile ride, and my average speed came out at 16.5mph!!! I was so impressed, It just goes to show what being at a higher weight can do to your performance, and having a good intake of carbs which have been for years a very big fear of mine. I ate around 2500 I have also been building leg strength in the gym which is doing me the world of good. Here is my ride details if anyone wanted to see


1/2 cup oats made with soya milk, and topped with chopped banana, cinammon and maple syrup


Lentil and chickpea curry with a hell of a lot of veggies!! Reckon about 5 portions in that dish.


This was cooked with me and my boyfriend, its actually the first thing we have cooked together. I usually take over:p 

Roasted Squash and halloumi salad This had about 5 portions of veggies. 

This was pretty simple to make, Firstly I boiled up some red and wild rice, meanwhile roasted some butternut squash for 10 minutes, then added some chopped mushrooms. I seasoned it with some basil and mixed herbs. Once the rice was cooked, added some honey, lemon juice and basil and left to cool slightly. The halloumi was the grilled in my george foreman and added to the rice mixture. Combined the squash mixture with the rice, and alas!! It was so nice. The honey and lemon went really well. It was adapted from the runners work nutrition guide, and is meant as a good post recovery meal! Has my boyfriends favourite cheese and my favourite veg so was a winner all around. 

My snacks for the day were copious amounts of fruit, cottage cheese and maple syrup and my favourite nakd bars!!

Have you ever tried Halloumi cheese? I think its my fav cheese as love the saltiness of it!!
Any good workout recently?