Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WIAW-valentines edition

Thanks to jenn for hosting

Well I am feeling very very happy this evening, as I've just come back from an amazing two night break in the romantic city of Bath with my amazing boyfriend, and also this evening I was able to run on the treadmill!!! Those glorious 15 minutes made me feel so so good. I hope this is the last of my knee pain, I will be taking it slowly though and build up my mileage.

This will be short and sweet, but I am super proud of me eating a three course meal. I am doing things I never thought possible, and feeling more determined than ever to beat this dreaded illness.


Too start a glass of champagne!! 

Strawberries and greek yogurt

 smoked salmon, rye bread, poached eggs and watercress and spinach

This breakfast was amazing, well its only valentines day once a year. 

Rocket with tomatoes, mozerrela cheese and avocado

Dinner was amazing, we dined in this divine restaurant on the royal crescent. 

Buffalo mozzerella, pine nuts, and figs. I left the dressing as am not a fan of oil based ones.

The main I forget to photograph it was amazing though baked sea bass, with my favourite veg roasted butternut squash and brocolli and red skinned potatoes. 

Campapri and grapefruit sorbet

Washed down later on with plenty of cocktails and wine!!! Man did I have a hangover this morning. 

Happy Valentines day!!! 

Did you eat anything special on valentines day?