Friday, 17 February 2012

Building Strength

Can't quite believe its the weekend, doesn't time go far too quickly?! My little break to Bath went far too quickly, and I am back to work next week boo:( At least it isn't too cold to be cycling back, would have hated going when we had the freezing temperatures and may have had to beg my boyfriend to pick me up:p

I had a fitness programme done on Thursday morning, you get one free with a gym membership and I met with someone called Lorriane who is lovely and has spoken with me before (more on that later). Anyway she firstly did my height, then wanted to weigh me!!!!! I don't even let my GP weigh me, the difference in scales triggers me and only ever weigh myself on my scales. A big fear must have been seen across my face.She asked why I didn't want to be weighed I thought for a minute then just came out with it " I have an eating disorder", I actually wasn't surprised by her reaction that she said she fully understood as she used to have one when she was 15 too, and had to have hormone replacement to have kids. I think she knew a while back I had issues as she has in the past asked if I was okay and if I was doing too much. After a while of ed chat and how I am trying to gain, seeing a dietican. She asked about my eating habits etc, said how they've got a lot better. She did say I do need to eat something before training, I usually don't tend to have a huge brekkie when I come back but she said that if I don't, doing weights and cardio will cause my body to burn its muscle and not good for a stress fracture so am going to now have a banana pre training even if I have to eat at 5 am for my early morning gym sessions. We spoke about bring in strength training to help strengthen my leg muscles, hips, and upper body which will help with my stress fracture, doing less cardio but bring the intensity up. So here is my new plan:

Warm up: 10 minutes walking on the treadmill

Resistance/ Weight Training:   

  • Leg Press- 10kg 3 sets of 12
  • Leg Extension- 7.5kg 3 sets of 12
  • Row/ Rear Deltoid- 7.15kg 3 sets of 12
  • Chest Press- 7.5kg 3 sets of 12
  • Shoulder press- on fitness ball 1kg 3 sets of12
Cardio Training: 
  • Windjammer 5 minutes, level 1
  • Rower- 2000 metres level 5
  • Upright bike- 15 minutes cascade hills level 9 
  • Cross trainer- 10 minutes random level 6
Core Strength/stability Exercises
  • Plank- 2 x 30 seconds
  • medicine ball twists- 2 sets of 15
  • Ball hands to knee- 2 sets of 15
Stretches to finish

It does feel quite good to follow a plan and feel that focusing more on building some strength will help with my cycling and running, and is also good to do weight bearing exercise to help with osteoporosis. It is only in the past few years that I have actually been able to open up about my eating disorder, I hate the mis-conceptions, the myths, the discrimination, the silence. Mental illness still is a very taboo subject and feel the more honest people are the more that people will see that its nothing to hide amongst the carpet!!,and hopefully with more understanding more can be done. 

Injury Update

I also had a sports massage done today, and their is good news with my shin splints the bruising has gone down, and my IT band is also beginning to heal. She thinks it will be okay to try running again on the roads in 2 weeks but to see how I feel whilst going to the gym and cycling. My knee pain has got so much better, it was even painful to walk on and seriously thought that I had done some damage to it worse than a stress fracture. I guess it must be in its 8th week of having the stress fracture which now means it hopefully is getting more on the mend. Today I was able to cycle for 30 miles with no pain. I am still continuing to ice and wear my knee strap and this seems to be helping in its recovery. I just need to try and really listen to my body, not do too much too soon and learn to rest! All easier said than done though. 

Are you able to be honest with people if you've struggled with a mental health problem? 
Do you do weights at the gym?