Thursday, 1 March 2012


I really can't believe how quick the months are going. Time goes far too quickly to be worrying about the little things in life, which is why now I try and make the most of everyday. I am very much an early riser, getting up at 5-6am is the norm for me. I prefer to work out at that time, sets me up for the day:)

Well this morning I had to sort out a charity bag, and I managed to ditch a pair of jeans. I have many clothes in very small sizes, and had a look through my closet and saw these jeans which are a stupidly small size so I decided to ditch them. I do still have others and am no sure why I am still holding on to them but is a step in the right direction. It has been years since I have even felt brave enough to think about chucking them away, as their is always that "what if?", but I know deep down I never want to go back to that place. I like my legs strong thankyou very much:p, and so what if a size 6 doesn't fit me.

Of course getting rid of these jeans means that I can buy another pair:D

Well thought I would recap on my February Goals and see how I have done

  • Gain some weight, I think last month I gained about 1kg, I have to do it slowly. My goal is to try and gain at least 2kg this month. (Think I have gained about another 1kg, I realise that I need to do it slowly if it is to be sustained)
  • Work with the reasons behind my anorexia. (I had a fairly positive appointment with a psychologist that I see and am going to be having some sessions with a lady from EDA very soon) 
  • Listen to my body( I'm injured from running:( from doing too much too soon and running through pain)- (This I feel has been better, I managing to have one full rest day a week and haven't been running outside because I know my body isn't ready for it)
  • Have some fun, have cocktails and not feel bad. (I have had some nice time's this month, met my friend for pancakes, having pancakes on pancake day actually hasn't occured for around 7 years or more, and I even had a scary one for me with caramelised apple an salted butter caramel sauce, I can't describe how tasty it was and valentines day involved lots of cocktails)
  • Do some baking ( I have been baking a few things, made some gingerbread scones and some carrot cupcakes)
  • Have more fats. Need to have more omega 3 and 6's to help with my inflammation.  ( I have been slacking a bit in the olde fat department as trying to focus on more carbs and protein)
I think my goals for this month will be fairly similar, but more focused on plans to do some triathlons at the end of the summer

March Goals

  • Have a recovery shake/ Bar after every workout

I prefer this one I think to the old runners staple of chocolate milk, I just wish they did a banana one,!!! and it really does HELP. I am able to recover so much more faster, my legs don't feel heavy, I feel great, and because sometimes I do two workouts a day it is crucial to repair glycogen levels in the 30 minute window. 

  • Gain another 1kg this month
  • Get stronger in swimming. 
  • Ride 60 plus miles comfortably on the bike
  • Make sure I have 1 rest day a week. 
I had a double brekkie today, as was riding out to sort out my jabs for my new job and too look at a new bike

Wholewheat bagel with jam and goats cheese- I can never decide so have the best of both worlds

Then once I was back had dorset cereals cherries and berries museli with almond milk, and some strawberries with cottage cheese. 

This evening me and my boyfriend are going out for dinner and I am hoping they do the carvery with the veggie nut roast, want to get my fix of yorkshire puds too!!!

My cycling is going from strength to strength. It feels so damn good!! I am now realising how important proper fuelling is, running in empty is no fun at all. I had  a new energy bar to try: 

These were easy to digest and gave me the much need energy, to power through my ride ate this at half way mark. Their also vegan and contain no artificial colours. 

27 miles- Average speed 17.2mph. 

It was a fairly flat course, but was practising my racing skills using some fartlek training,a nd going on the drops more. Think I am going to try and include some intervals in my next ride. 

Favourite energy bar? 
Have you ever given away some clothes that no longer fit you? how did you feel?