Monday, 6 February 2012

Some muffins and injury.

Hello blogging world, I've had some time off work so is quite nice to not be rushing around and be able to relax somewhat. So yesterday afternoon, after a morning spent in the gym and swimming I decided to cook some muffins. I have been including more protein in my diet to help with my injury which seems to be an illotibial band problem. More of that in a mo, so I searched the internet for a healthy muffin recipe that I could use protein powder in and found this one.

They were fairly simple to make.

Apple and cinnamon protein muffins

  • 1 cup (130 grams) of self raising flour. 
  • 50g vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup (100grams) chunky apple sauce
  • 1 tbp of cinnamon
  • 50 ml milk
  • 2 egg whites. 
  • 50g dried fruit
I added the wet mixture to the dry and then spooned in to cupcake cases. I like things in mini size. So they turned out like this: 

I just love my Emma Bridgewater tin!! 
(nutritional information per muffin 85 calories, 6 grams of protein, 16 carbs)

However they did come out a bit dry on the inside, still edible though:) I think because of the protein powder, so need to play around a bit with a few more recipes. This was actually the first time for a long while that I have made and ate a muffin actually I think these are the first ones I have made and ate. My eating disorder wouldn't allow me to have treats as I felt that I didn't deserve them and I have slowly been able to challenge this disordered thought, and tell myself that everyone deserves treats and it is the eating disordered side of me that is telling me this and not myself. 


So I can no longer run:( My own doing, I had brought my mileage up too quickly and my body wasn't ready for it. I also started running when I wasn't eating nearly enough to keep my body ticking. I also think not having my periods had something to do with it as I don't produce oestrogen which is needed for bone health and know stress fractures are a risk with this. I am not 100% sure what it is, but I had a sports massage last week which was so so painful!! and she says I have a tight illotibial band, and also my knee has some swelling, also the top of my hips were very sore. 

I've booked a doctors appointment this week.  When I try to run its so painful and can only manage about a mile. She said I can cycle and swim but to lay of the running. So I've managed to sell my half marathon ticket , but not being able to run is difficult as exercise is such a big passion of mine. I mean I do enjoy going to the gym, swimming, and cycling (when the weather improves) but their is nothing like having the freedom of being on the road just grabbing some shoes and going and feeling myself get stronger after each run. 

However I'm reading as much as I can about running, nutrition, and enjoying the cross training activities and plan to improve on my swimming and get out on the road more on my bike has have a 60 mile sportiveplanned for June time. I guess it was my bodies way of telling me that I need to rest, and know it will make me a more stronger runner and help me to listen to my body more.  I am also getting myself physically stronger so when I am back to running my body will be more able to deal with the high impact of running.

 Determined to beat this, anorexia has took over my life for far too many years and I am determined to not let it steal anymore. I am an athlete not an anorexic. I am going to achieve something more than this illness, which over the years has given me nothing. It may have helped deal with all the other crap in my life but at the end of it the only person I was ever hurting was myself. 

Some food from the past few days:

Cottage cheese with apple and bran sticks.

chickpea and lentil curry

mixed bean cassoulet with goats cheese, and veg. 

Ever been injured? How did you cope? 
Are you a muffin fan? Had an success with protein powders in baked goods?