Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Your more than a number

So tomorrow I will be venturing to Bournemouth again to meet with two of my college teachers where I will undoubtedly be bombarded with questions relating to my illness and how I will manage the course! I am just hoping it goes okay.

 I saw my GP this morning and she has given me a letter to take to the university with a report. She said she didn't want to mention my BMI as it is irrelevant, at the end of the day its just a number. It made me happy that I have a GP who understands that it is not just about the weight, the weight loss is just a side effect of the illness. She see's no reason as to why I shouldn't not do the course and thinks that I am more than ready to study at university level. I just have to convince the others.

The fact that my GP mentioned that she didn't want to talk about my BMI but more about how I am managing, how my mental health is made me think... We are all more than a number, who cares what you weigh, what numbers you eat. At the end of the day no-one else really knows but you. So if your struggling with thoughts over numbers, whether that be clothes sizes, or calories just try and relax a little. Their is more to life than reaching a certain goal. Those who have suffered with an eating disorder know that no number ever made you happy, and I am beginning  to realise it. 

I really need to learn a lesson and not eat like a whole packet of prunes and all bran in the evening! I majorly ate way to much of those little things and my stomach is causing me havoc. Trying not to dwell on it too much, I am just have issues with over eating in the evening. I may need to get some more regular meal plans as perhaps I am not eating enough during the day 

Anyway, yesterday I had a meal at work and for a chain pub they do a pretty healthy salmon salad. Which they describe as a superfood salad. It contains Salmon, Butternut squash, spinach, edamame soya beans, broccoli, fine green beans, pomegranate seed and red chard with Balsamic Vinaigrette.

At my wetherspoons it costs £7 well only £3.50 for me and you get a really good piece of salmon. 

My work meals have recently consisted of sandwiches: my latest addiction being goats cheese and fig relish which is an organic relish and is so nice but was pricey at £5 for a jar. I am getting a bit bored of sandwiches so going to get some salad stuff to take in with me next week, but sandwiches are quick and easy. My other favourite filling has been almond or cashew butter, sometimes I put jam in it. 

For lunch today I had a stir fry, used blue dragons sweet soy stir fry sauce with garlic and ginger. I like these sauces as they have all natural ingredients and are really nice. I cooked some soba noodles too. If I ever make stir fry at home it is always with noodles their is something nice about noodles that make it so much more exciting than plain rice!!

Sorry this is a rather long post.

Favourite sandwich filling? any ideas for different lunches to take?  


  1. I'm assuming you have access to a refrigerator? I'd take leftover dinner, bean burgers, yogurt, string cheeses, sandwiches, salads loaded with good stuff, etc.

    My favorite sandwich filling is avocado and goat cheese, closely followed by crunchy pb and jelly!

  2. Favourite sandwich filling is spinach, mustard, houmous and gherkins.

    How about making up salads with a bit of pasta, veggies, cheese etc... that would keep you full up. Or take a pot of cottage cheese and toppings along to give some variation? :-)

  3. It sounds like you have a really supportive and informed GP. I'm sure that you'll do fantastically on your course :-)

  4. My favorite sandwich fillings are pretty much all salads and also apple slices!
    Good Luck with your course :)

  5. You are more than a number my dear, that is something I am finally getting through my thick head as well.
    Favorite sandwich fillings- tons of veggies (cucumbers and tomatoes esp!) and honey mustard...oh and of course kettle chips

  6. I'm so pleased things went well at the doctors, i hope everything is great with the tutors too.
    That stir fry looks so good, and so does the salad.
    My favourite packed lunches are things like cold vegetable frittatas, quinoa salads (or pasta salad if i'm treating myself) and sandwiches. I love halloumi and basil tofu on sandwiches, or tomato and fresh basil :)

  7. It's so true, we don't walk around with numbers on our forehead. It's just our personality that gets to shine through!

    My favorite sandwich filling is either hummus or tuna!

  8. Hi I just found your blog and i'm really excited I did. I'm suzie, hello, new to blogging. Enjoying finding people in similar situations to me and able to steal inspiration and motivation from their posts aha!

    Your GP sounds really understanding, mine...I dread going too.
    I'm not really a sandwich girl. I guess if I did opt for one though it would have to be a mushed banana sandwich with a little sugar. I know, i know not quite your standard tuna but it tastes good and floods me with childhood memories!


  9. I'm sorry you're stressed out :( Just keep your head up and things will come around eventually.

    You need tough times in order to recognize the good