Monday, 8 August 2011

I need a bigger bowl

Thankyou to my replies to my previous post, I am sorry that people struggle with self esteem too. I guess like everything its a work in progress.

I think the time has come to invest in a bigger bowl. 

I had my first all day shift at work today! 8 and a half hours which went surprisingly quickly. I even got trained to work on the floor delivering meals and clearing tables.

Anyway after work I went to an X-biking class which is fairly similar to spinning and my god was it tough! Would really recommend it if your after an high intensity workout with lots of intervals in. Well when I came back from  the class which was about 8.30pm I didn't feel up to cooking so really fancied something easy and simple. So I had a huge pot of greek yogurt, an apple, necterine, and a few green plums with a generous serving of cereal and my bowl was a little on the small side so I had to eat it in stages. I thought it was a fairly big bowl:

It is certainly deep, but my cereal mess was overflowing. 

So I need to invest somehow in a bigger bowl! if anyone has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lunch was a chicken salad with some brown rice, but it wasn't that nice. I didn't add enough dressing to the salad and it was pretty dry not good. 

Tomorrow I have another filled day, gym in the morning then will treat myself to breakfast at costa I love their multigrain toast they do and love it that they now do sugar free syrups! They used to do porridge made with proper oats but it was only a trial which was a shame, then in the evening I will be going to a thai place with a friend and having a few cocktails!!!

Do you ever have breakfast out? Whats your favourite place? or do you take something with you to eat? 


  1. I like to have breakfast out once in awhile, and there's this great divey diner back home that I like to go to. The food is greasy and probably horrible for you, but it's really food, homemade and stuff. My normal order is overeasy eggs with fruit & pumpernickel toast, but when I'm really hungover, I like pumpkin pancakes with roast beef hash from there.

  2. Haha I hardly ever go out for breakie, I am soo rushed to head off to work! I love oats, eggs, or toast with pb and tea :)

  3. I always back my b'fast with me for my internship because I'm never hungry right when I wake up. It gives me comfort knowing that I'll have something fast, free, and delicious in the early hours of my day :)

  4. I don't often have breakfast out, but when I was in London recently I went to Leon for some of their delicious porridge.
    Have have the same problem with my bowl - I have been known to use a mixing bowl for the giant soups and stews that I make!

  5. I eat breakfast out if it's a special occassion, but usually I'm too hungry to wait.
    How about a mixing bowl?

  6. biking always makes me hungry, and i tend to need bigger bowls of food whenever im done it :)

    mmmm that cereal looks lovely piled sky-high! :)


  7. I always need a super big bowl for my green smoothies, otherwise I would be up and down refilling my bowl as I make them so big.