Friday, 12 August 2011

perfect for breakfasts on the go!

Well First I want to blog about a little gift I treated myself too, which is perfect for when I have breakfast on the go at work, or after the gym, and before uni. I got it from Wilkinsons as it was cheaper than amazon, but here it is on amazon to get a better idea of what its like breakfast on the go pot! I of course had to get it in pink!

I knew the morning would be a rush so put some museli with some weetabix crunchy bran in the bottom and some natural yogurt on the top. After going to the gym I mixed it all togeather and alas a breakfast on the go!

It even has a handy little spoon hidden beneath, and it fitted very easily an 1/2 cup portion of cereal. I see it as an investment, instead of getting breakfast out I can now have it on the go. 

So my gym session this am was an x-biking class. It was a different instructor and really noticed the difference she played different music did actually prefer her music but preferred the style of the other instructor. 

Rest of the day was spent sorting house some housing stuff from my old place and just chilling out. Read a few blogs, planned some meals for over the weekend as am busy working. I was going to experiment a bit but was feeling lazy so instead opted for some roasted butternut squash with a load of cumin, with some fish marinated in tamarind paste, and this rice:

Know its a bit lazy, but hey were all entitled to cheat at times right?!

Whats your favourite quick dinner to make? any plans for the weekend? 


  1. My quick dinners are usually eggs or sammies. I am eating tons of LARA bars this weekend and hanging with the sis :)

  2. My favorite quick and easy dinner is just roasted veggies with a side of grains & protein (I pretty much always have pre-cooked grains in my fridge), but I do love the occasional big bowl of plain grains for dinner :)

  3. I love that breakfast on the go pot...saves you having to buy breakfast! Quick dinner for me would be either sauteed or roasted veggies with either pasta or rice & salad.

  4. That pot is such a good idea! I very rarely take breakfast with me, although I always take packed lunches to work.
    My ultimate quick dinner is an omelette.