Thursday, 9 June 2011

exam over!!

well I had my psychology exam today, well its a mock we get two attempts at it and think we get an average grade or something so have another one in two weeks time. but I think I done okay in it, answered the question well I think evaluated the research and used relevant studies just have to wait and see.

Last few days at college have been a bit easier, the end is so near. Just have a biology assignment to do and revise again for the exam.

I think I am going to go out for a drink in newton abbot tonight with rachael. need to get used to going out more. I am going on a long bike ride in a mo so that will help relationlise alcohol calories lol. I have counted calories today, I started too but thought it may freak me out more as I ate quite well before my exam and just had some lunch before my ride and will take some snacks with me. So tonight is a screw you ed day. I am going to enjoy myself and see how far i have come especially with how well I have done in all my previous exams and one day of extra eating and drinking:p is not going to make any difference and tonight I will have something I want to have  ie not a salad maybe their three bean chilli or noodle dish.

Looking forward to the weekend as dont have too much work to do, and have a few nice things planned.

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