Sunday, 12 June 2011

a date!

well so my night on the town went okay. I drank far too much and did feel bit bad the next day for the calories and just havin fun BUT was able to rationalise it as this is how I want my life to be full of fun and living it to the max and I have a lot of catching up to do hehe.

well I somehow met a guy, who I am ashamed to say I don;t remember all to well ooops. but he asked a friend of mine for my number so I text him and tonight we are going to the cinema, drink, and a game of pool. it was going to be a run hehe. but the weather is bad. tbh I am a bit relieved as my legs are so sure from a 35 mile bike ride yesterday and not refulling properly :( anyway Im seeing my old dietician tomorrow so hopefully that will help and push me in the right direction. Anyway im pretty nervous about tonight. I went exeter today with my friend rachael and was a bit naughty and bought a dress from the henry holland range at debenhams it would be rude not too as I have wanted it for ages and it was half price. link below:

anyway best dash as need to put my face on hehe

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