Monday, 5 March 2012

Past workouts, and loving the breakfasts

Thankyou all for the encouraging words from my last post, lets hope its a supertastic month again. Exercise has really been helping me with my negative thoughts about by body, and just general crapness that I have been having about my current job. I really can't wait to start my new one, a t he people I work with mainly the girls are so bitchy, and its so clicky where I work. everyone knows each other etc, and I don't seem to fit their mould aka I don't drink, go out partying. And I've been dreading going to work and feeling quite depressed when I come home.  So getting some endorphins has been wonderful!!! 

My workouts this past week, have been really great.
Monday- Gym session (5k treadmill run, with some walking, 10 min rower, 15 minute bike and my weight programme
Tuesday-45 mile cycle Ride
Wednesday- 1k swim
Thursday- 2hr cycle ride, practising race skills (average 17mph)
Friday-Swim and Gym session, same as Monday with more streching
Saturday-Rest day-did some yoga and foam rolling OUCH
Sunday-Relaxing 30 mile cycle with my boyfriend which included a cake stop, scones for him crumpets and jam for me.

I've really been loving the cycling, my legs feel so strong at the moment. Really think doing the weights in the gym, gaining weight, and eating more has really helped with my power and endurance levels. I passed some men yesterday which felt good, hehe girl power!!!

 I have decided I am going to enter a sprint triathlon in July too, I need to work on my swimming though as am strong on the bike, and run will be okay as its only a 5k. I just find the breathing side of swimming hard, but today I had a bit of a move forward, and am starting to master breathing underwater!!! It took me a while to even be brave enough to put my head under the water, I thought you actually exhaled when you came out the water, but it turns out you have to exhale whilst in the water. It was scary at first but towards the end of my swim I was mastering it okay, and am now swimming in the middle lane as found the slow lane well, too slow!!!

Yesterday evening, my boyfriend came around and I cooked a beetroot risotto, topped with Feta Cheese:

I griddled some asparagus on my george foreman grill, first time cooking it this way I usually just steam it.

The risotto was fairly straight forward to make. The most difficult part was actually cooking and peeling the beetroot, I have made this before but used precooked beetroot. Anyway here is the recipe


fresh beetroot
200g rissoto rice
500 ml vegetable stock
100g feta cheese
1 onion
1 fennel bulb
cinammon stick
carawat seeds
100g spinach

The first thing I did was boil the beetroot until tender this took about 30 minutes, whilst this was doing I 
chopped the onion, and fennel, and put on the rice with the cinammon stick and 1 clove of garlic. I gradually added the stock and kept stirring. 
The caraway seeds were lightly toasted for 1 minute, then removed from the pain. I then wilted the spinach, removed then cooked the onion and fennel until lightly browned,and added 2 tsp of tamarind paste. Finally added everything togeather, placed in bowls and topped with feta and cooked in the oven for about ten minutes. 

My eats for this past week, have also been good. My favourite meal is by far breakfast

Oats cooked with chopped apple, and cinammon. Taste like apple pie;)

 Bran cereal with cottage cheese, apples, granola, and cashew butter
Pre gym light breakkie of soda bagel with almond butter and cottage cheese
Wensydale and cranberry cheese with cottage cheese on toast

Have you ever cooked with Beetroot?
Favourite meal of the day? 

I have been feeling so strong whilst out on my bike, and the feeling I get when I come back from a ride in imense.