Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIAW-The cycling addition

Hello blogging world, first please check out jenns blog and all the other posts for some foodie inspiration. I know its the green addition this month, but unforgivably their is nothing green. This was what I consumed on my 50 mile cycle ride yesterday. But before that I have to share with you, my latest purchase:

Giant Avail Advanced 2
Isn't it pretty???

I had the pink bar tape added as extra, to make it my bike. Full carbon frame, shimano ultegra groupset. 

I brought it from a local bike shop you were really so helpful, well for the money I paid for it that had good reason to be hehe. 

I went for a short 20 minute ride, mainly around my village lol, as wanted to get used to the new gears, and pedals. As although I have ridden clipless for quite a while, these ones you can only clip in on one side so is taking a while to clip in and out. So excited to take it out properly tomorrow, I'm gonna go so fast. Is so lush to ride, not gonna be able to sleep tonight with excitement!!!

Anyway on to my eats:


I needed carbs and more carbs to fuel my ride, so had 60g of oats cooked with some natural yogurt, chopped banana, and topped with granola and loads of maple syrup

I had some fruit before I set of, and on the ride consumed soreen banana malt loaf, torq energy bar, dried mango, alpen cereal bar, and this bad boy:

I swear this powered me up the hill, and it was banoffee flavour and tasted so nice

When I came back, I downed some alpro soya chocolate milk

I still prefer the strawberry flavoured milk though. 

Shortly after I had one of my staple recovery meals:

Poached egg, beans, rye bread with almond butter, and some mushrooms.

 I was actually still hungry after this!!!, and hunger has been something I find difficult to admit too, and can rarely say when I am hungry. But as I am trying to listen to my body more, I made myself a sort of dessert. I had some cottage cheese, yogurt, chopped apple and granola, I forget to take a picture though. This seem to fill the spot, and held me over for a few hours until dinner where I was too tired to cook so microwaved a lentil curry with brown rice that I had previously made and froze

Favourite thing you ate? mine has to be my breakfast granola on porridge is so nice!!
Bought anything nice?