Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WIAW-cooking togeather

. Thanks to Jen @peasandcrayons for this fab idea. Their is some great blog giveaways at the moment laura giving away some hemp protein shake, and Gemma at celery and cupcakes is giving away some fab Sharpham Park cereals.  

For this weeks WIAW, I thought I would share a little task me and my boyfriend did togeather one evening. I usually always do the cooking, its not that I don't like his cooking. He does cook me very nice things:) But I guess my eating disorder likes to stay in control, likes to know what is in what I am cooking, likes to portion it up so I know what is in it. I think I did find it enjoyable to cook togeather, but I guess also challenging. But overall it was enjoyable. 

We cooked a paella, I always thought of a paella as quite a challenging thing to cook but this was actually really easy. You can even make it veggie too. We used prawns and quorn chicken style pieces, but tofu would also work well or even some chickpeas. 

This was the recipe I adapted from the BBC good food website. Although the recipe didn't call for it we used a pinch of saffron thread, and this really made it taste so nice. Strange fact about saffron its more expensive gram for gram than gold!!!!  The rice was really creamy, we used peppers, mushrooms, and red onion; Andy's task was the chopper!! Which he very much enjoyed. 

Of course I added extra greens to my plate:), this was some kale. I've been having it with every meal as its such a great source of calcium, and its also so cheap for a huge bag. 

Well this day of eats is in a bit of a strange order:

. Snacks: 

 Banana with almond butter

Soya nuts


 Protein oats with almond butter and banoffee flavoured protein powder
stuffed aubergines with my chickstew, side of kale and cottage cheese

I think protein oats is probably my favourite post workout meal. It took me ages to work out how to use protein powder in my oats lol, I used to add it at the start. But now I add it right at the end as it tends to mix best that way. 

Do you cook alone or with others? 
How do you use protein powders?