Saturday, 23 April 2011


Well, I haen't updated for a while. Things hae been okay. Still have my good and bad days but hey ho.

Easter break has been pretty okay. I have enjoyed it. the last holiday I haven't as it has been a lack of structure for me and I missed seeing people. But I have been able to enjoy myself catch up with friends. I actually have a sort of social life now. I have been to Crealy a kids adventure park lol drank cocktails and made sushi, studied and stayed in the sun, lunch in exeter. so not bad, and I have done some studying too and been out cycling on my bike.

I have just finished my research project for psychology I looked at the influence of media in deeloping anorexia and found it quite intersting although my personal opinion is that the media doesnt cause anorexia I don't feel they help anyone have a normal attitude towards their body image. I remember feeling and thinking I was fat at the age of 9.

Tonight I am going to relax with some baileys.


  1. I agree with the fact that the media doesn't cause all anorexia cases, though there are lots of influences. x

  2. I hope you enjoy your evening:)