Thursday, 19 May 2011

going into halls!

So, over the past few days since I went to Bournemouth i have been doing a lot of thinking, and speaking to a few people have decided that i will be moving into a studio flat in halls. yes it will be a lot smaller than having my own flat. But I feel it will be a good move for me. Going to uni is scary enough as it is and I will know no-one and think having my own flat I will be isolated and for once in my life I want to do *normal things* like having a drinks out, even a party or two;) But i have the option to come back to my own studio in halls.

From being at college I know how good for me it is to be around people, to have friends etc. For years I told myself or my ed did that I didn't need friends that my only friend was anorexia! But she isn't a friend she never made me happy, she nearly killed me what type of friend is that lol. I will be able to meet people and have the time of my life. well they do say that your uni days are the best times of your life, and up to now my life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses. It is also a lot cheaper and everything is included so I want have to worry about an unexpected electricty bill and I haven't really lived alone before. I have either lived at home, been in IP or supported housing.

I am confident I have made the right decision and that it is a really good move for me. I no longer want to be a loner or isolated I want my life back, and I am slowly reclaiming it back.

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  1. Sarah, i never realised this was your blog!
    You should be so proud of yourself for making this decision, and im sure it'll open your eyes up to a whole new world =]